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Autor:  Tom
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  01/MAR/2004 1:18 PM
Assunto:  Re: Some doubts
Mensagem:  Mensagem: 1) May I use the preposition 'on' in the following sentence: "Could you please inform us about the details on..." "Could you please inform us about the details on how to build a model airplane with a nuclear reactor propulsion system that weighs less than ten kilos?" “Could you please inform us about the details on how to adjust a micrometer and take exact measurements?” 2) What do these expressions mean? a) To go at the thing bullheaded (atacar um problema como cabeçudo) He was bullheaded about the whole thing, I explained how to fix the car but he just had to do it his way and the engine caught fire. b) To beat about the bush To talk a lot but really say nothing of substance. Like politicians, they talk a lot but say little. c) To be short and to the point (curto, usar poucas palavras, explicar algo sem pate papo) I have some bad news for you. Your father just died. Hey, your father just died. We are going to attack the castle. You go that way and I’ll go in the front. d) To shift into the lower gear baixar engrenagem dum veiculo When you go down from the top of the mountain be sure and shift into lower gear so the engine will act as a brake for your car. If you have an automatic transmission shift it into 2. If you have a manual transmission shift to second gear. 3) How can I say 'adoçante' in English? It’s a sweetner. We have sweetners made from various derivatives such as dextrose, sucarose and saccharin. I hope this helps.

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