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Autor:  Mister
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  20/SET/2009 2:06 AM
Assunto:  Till



You are right, it shouldn't be "Till there WERE you".


If you read the whole lyric you'll see the song uses There Were and There was accordingly to the plural or singular.


"Till there was You"


You in that sentence is the "you" object pronoun for the first person singular


"Till there was you" = Até você existir.


The song talks about someone who wasn't aware of the world around until he/she became aware that there was a certain person [you].


You can call your friend and say:


I really was gonna ask somebody else for a ride but there was [only] you in town.


But if you want to use the plural then you must use were.


I really was gonna ask somedoby eles for a place to stay over the weekend in Miami but there were only you guys (now you are talking to two or more people).



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