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Autor:  Sobbo
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  23/SET/2009 2:44 AM
Assunto:  Verb form
Mensagem:  Subjunctive in English!!

My eyes must be deceiving me - it appears that the s-s-subjunctive being referred to is merely a recycle of the base form of the verb - as in go, stay, ask etc

I suppose what is meant is, in cases where a subjunctive is used in 'latin-type' languages, in English the base (unmodified) form of the verb is used.

The base form of the verb thus expresses a meaning in English which is expressed by a subjunctive form of the verb in such & such latin-style lingo.

Whereas the aformentioned latin-kind of languages actually have a distinct and separate series of verb forms which operate as a subjunctive, English has no such verb form and uses the unmodified, unvaried base verb form to convey the 'subjunctive' meaning.

The horror .. a language can operate, nay rule the world, without a subjunctive verb form

So be it!

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