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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  01/OUT/2009 11:45 PM
Assunto:  Acomodado

I´m kinda moved here, guys.  In fact I amprivileged to be here as a learner, and sometimes
a lowly participant.  With no extravagance or exaggeration, this site rocks! and exudes
English as well.   By the way, it gets better by the day.

This place makes me think that I chose the right partners to pal up with, for they share
the devout wish of learning more and more!

From the beggining, I have noticed that these folks don´t make halfhearted attempt to answer
the questions and clear up our most difficult and challenging doubts.

To come here is (for me), an opportunity; to associate with EMB people  is a rare privilege;
to read is an inspiration.   This site helps to push open the door of opportunity a little
 wider, in a more joyful way than many realize.

Personally, here, more often than not, I bridge the gap between my faulty knowledge and the
 more natural way of speaking or writting English.    With a plus, I know that most of people
around are genuinely interested, who wouldn´t want to have friends like that?

I take the opportunity to thank Ricardo for having the idea of creating such a site, clean,
light, reliable and totally user-friendly.   Also, to Dale and people from abroad, with your
insightful views and contributions, we in Brazil need them badly.

Last but not least, I might apologise to the reader for my countless grammar errors
and acknowldege his patience!

Ah, thanks Pat, Orlando, Fran and others; for joining this thread. This way, we got to
know these several definitions to 'acomodado' (even words that didn´t made part of our
repertoire before, I mean we weren´t that used to it).  


As always I say, the text is open to editing, correcting, proof-reading, comments and all that


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