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Autor:  Tom
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  02/MAR/2004 8:06 PM
Assunto:  Re: Para quem, como eu, esta indo para Londres
Mensagem:  Neat foto!! Was it taken from inside the international area where passengers arrive (where they go through immigration and customs) or was it taken at the security checkpoint at the check-in counter (where the objective is to ferret out terrorists, mad scientists, people on the ten most wanted list, enemies of Interpol, etc)? A foto shown out of context is bad news. I think everyone in this forum has been saying: if you prepare properly, have the money, have a program, don't have anything to hide, maintain eye to eye contact when interviewed, etc then you won't have any problems. Having spent a large part of my life working with people in the know, I recommend that if you are going to take an English course and you don't speak English well then don't try to explain anything complicated in English. Use single or two word answers. "Why are you here?" "Study English." "Do you have enough money?" "Yes." Give me ten good reasons why I should grant you a visa." "No understand. Call interpreter." At that point they will call someone who grew up in Goa, Lisbon, Rio or another famous place and the interview will be in Portuguese. If you fear that you can not get your intentions and ideas across in English then don't try. It's better to use an interpreter than to make a "false declaration" that will follow you for the rest of your life. Don't get an ulcer. Be positive. You are not the enemy. The enemy is the vigarista who ruined the system and now you are paying for it. Do you think airports always had police with guns standing around? No way, José! It is a cause and effect of the terrorist problem. When you get the time, do some research into when the police in England started carrying weapons. For years they didn't even carry pistols. Their authority was enough. Now, in response to a threat and to protect the public at large (and that means you, the traveler) they have to be highly trained in marksmanship (como identificar o alvo certo e tirar sem machucar o inocente), diplomacy and self confidence. Work with the system. The only thing you have to fear is fear itself (famous person once said that), don't get yourself in a tizzy and don't be a nay-sayer. Get happy and look forward to this next part of your life!!

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