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Autor:  Dale-CR
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  26/OUT/2009 2:42 AM
Assunto:  Good evening

It's not the time.  That is not the problem.  "Good evening" and "good morning" are almost always used as greetings.  (I would put "almost always" in the 99.9% range.)  "Good night" is a farewell said during hours of darkness.  "Good morning" typically begins to be heard when the sun has risen.  It´s not tied to midnight or some other hour on the clock.


Notice the times to the left.  Is the speaker saying hello or goodbye?


10:00 PM - Well, I must go home now.  Good night!

                    Good night, Charles!

10:05 PM - Good evening, Jim!  I am glad you were able to come to the party!

11:48 PM - Good night, Jim!  Thank you for coming to the party.  Drive safely!

1:20 AM -   Good evening, Fred!  I did not expect to see you so late, but you are certainly welcome. 

3:10 AM -   Good night, Fred!  I hope you had a good time.  See you on Monday! 

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