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Autor:  LIMA
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  19/NOV/2009 9:45 AM
Assunto:  stranger email

Good morning Folks !!!


I need a help to understand the email below , i received this email today but i don't understand amost nothing . Could someone help me,please ?


Hi Mary,
I brought up the delivery on UPS with approximate weights and dates.  It says Dayton Oh is actually a 3 day delivery so you would not have the remaining if we did 3 day until the 1st of December not the 30th.   If we did two day you would have them on the 30th and Red the 27th.   I apologize for thinking it was a two day delivery. 


I think my english is rusty , because i can't understand it.


Thank in advance for all.


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