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Autor:  dale-cr
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  19/NOV/2009 11:05 AM
Assunto:  stranger email

I brought up the delivery on UPS with approximate weights and dates.  It says Dayton Oh is actually a 3 day delivery so you would not have the remaining if we did 3 day until the 1st of December not the 30th.   If we did two day you would have them on the 30th and Red the 27th.   I apologize for thinking it was a two day delivery. 


I used the information found on the United Parcel Service website, and entered the weights and dates.  Dayton, Ohio, is a three day delivery.  To send everything at the same time using the three day delivery method-service, we need to make the shipment on the first of December, not on the 30th of November.  If we used the two day delivery method-service (immediately), you have the items on the 30th and the Red on the 27th.  (This is probably an error.  What is meant by "Red"?  For you to receive the items on the 30th using "two day delivery" they need to be sent on the 28th.  How could the "Red" reach you one day before it is sent?)  I apologize for thinking it was a two day delivery.


Lima, your English is fine.  The writer is not writing clearly.  Stress?  Boredom?



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