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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  04/DEZ/2009 8:08 PM
Assunto:  help me with collocations?


'to focus attention'
'an interior designer' (incidentally,  wouldn´t be  'central', since after an you can´t put a word initiated by a consonant)
'to put someone's mind at rest'
'to be on record'
'to rise to the challenge'
'to drop the subject'

'to fast forward a tape/CD'
'to cast doubt on something'     [could be to raise doubt on something as well...]
'to reserve judgement'  [= refuse to decide before you have all the facts.  Only after you have all facts, then you decide...]
'to strike it lucky'    [ I would say that to strike it lucky is the answer, although I have seen 'stroke of luck'. Confirmation needed.
'to make a name for yourself'
'frame of mind'
'to step out of line'
'on display'

'mental block'      What a coincidence! I have difficulty with remembering or learning things just now...
'mass media'
'to place an advert somewhere'    Place an ad in a paper, for instance.
'to be thick skinned'    I am resistant to criticism, wicked people, barbed comments...

'to lose touch'      No longer speak or write to someone because he/she do not live near you, don´t work with you etc.
Not to be confused with 'lose YOUR touch' = to lose your ability to do something.


'to slip through someone's fingers'      Like water, or like my money at the end of the year.

'to be priority'
'to be free of charge'
'commom sense'
'to offer a hint'
'to let yourself go'
    I am not so sure, need to confirm.
'to cath sight of something/someone'
'to out instructions'
   I would say that is CARRY OUT instructions, "carry out" meaning to do something because somebody asked to do.

'to be with guarantee'
'to face the consequences'
'to offer something to someone'
    But I think that others alternatives would match as well. PROMISE something, for instance.
'to set fire to something'
'to take pity'
    It´s  my hunch, confirmation needed.
'to watch your step'    Or you can slip someplace...
'to lay the foundations'       Same or almost same as 'provide the foundations'
'to make an escape'
'to gather speed'
'tried and tested'

'to put in a ____word about/for someone'       Dunno, you know,  it happens!

'to assure or deny'
'within reason' 

'in the middle of nowhere'     The place where, generally cars get broken.
'to  a lift'               Any takers?  I am curious about it, either.
'the general public'



Mission accomplished? PP.

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