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Autor:  dale-cr
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Data:  04/DEZ/2009 11:48 PM
Assunto:  Bookshelved

I was just joking, Syd.  It is so easy to slip into Portunhol.


You are thinking of ªcogerª.  It is pronounced in Spanish as ªcorrerª is in Portuguese.  However, the meaning is pegar, apanhar, obter, etc.  In some countries (such as Argentina, Mexico, etc,) ªcogerª is a very vulgar way to say ªto have sexª.  It is more like foXXXer than transar, dar, comer, etc.  Quite strong. 


I recall a Central American lady asking me why Mexicans laughed when she said ªCogí el bus.ª  She meant ªPeguei o onibusª, of course, but Mexicans were hearing ªFoXXXi o onibus.ª  There was a young man from Central America in the room, and with his eyes he seemed to be pleading, ªQue no se lo explique!ª   rsrsrsrs   No, I told her I had no idea why they would laugh at her choice of words.  I do not like to lie, but she was a lady and that is how I chose to treat her.


At the moment, I am in Asunción, Paraguay.  It has been fun learning Paraguayan words and expressions.  Many words here have meanings quite different from what they have elsewhere.  In Mexico, for example, pendejo is a very dumb person, much worse than a babaca.  In Central America a pendejo is a coward.  In Paraguay a pendejo is an adolescent.  Since Paraguay is a bilingual country, words from Guarani slip into Spanish conversations.  It is all quite interesting.

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