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Autor:  Fran
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  18/DEZ/2009 5:26 PM
Assunto:  multiplicar em inglês

There are things that are a lot simpler to do than they seem.


Some 20 years ago I was in São Paulo travelling with a group of Americans and since we were caught in traffic jams an awful lot, we had a lot of time to talk.


One time I wanted to say "pneu careca".


I asked my friends in the best English I could put together which was something like this:


"How do you say when the "tire" (tires) "is" (are) very "used" (worn out) ? 


They all said:




It was an Aha moment for me!


That day I left with the impression that some things are simpler, a lot simpler then we think.


"Pneu careca" = Bald tire


I never forgot that!


Talking about tires, trying to cheat and keep within the topic there's 4x4


4 by 4


four-wheel drive


Speaking English for non-natives is about risks and making mistakes - without making mistakes we'd never learn, and that's how we have come to learn our native language.



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