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Autor:  Joe
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  19/DEZ/2009 11:45 PM
Assunto:  Lúdico
Mensagem:  Pat,

While reading some of your posts I get the feeling you enjoy stepping on people's toes.

You have already noted you're knowledge is above that of the average native speaker. Who am I to disagree.

My previous post contains 3 lines only. I intentionally was off topic when I mentioned the word gobsmacked. Excuse me, sir. I suffer from diarrhea of the mouth, and  if I'm here to please you just let me know and I can assure you I'll keep solely within topic next time.

Sarah Jessica Parker also used words such as unidentical, concord,  prophylactic, pathology, and what-not.

Well, she's Sarah Jess not some Joe guy. Some guy off the street who according to what you imply on this forum will never get to speak English in the same rank as someone like you. She can speak however she likes, she's Sarah Jess. Are you in concord, Pat?

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