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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  02/JAN/2010 8:56 PM
Assunto:  Morena clara

  The tersest answer is: 


 Morena (tan)  Morena-bem-chegada (very tan) Morena-bronzeada (bronzed tan)         Morena-canelada (cinnamonlike brunette) Morena-castanha (cashewlike tan)

 Morena clara (light tan)  Morena-cor-de-canela (cinnamon-hued brunette)

 Morena-jambo (dark red) Morenada (mocha) Morena-escura (dark tan)

 Morena-fechada (very dark, almost mulatta) Morenão (very dusky tan)

 Morena-parda (brown-hued tan) Morena-roxa (purplish-tan)

 Morena-ruiva (reddish-tan) Morena-trigueira (wheat colored)

 Moreninha (toffeelike) Mulatta (mixture of white and Negro)

 Mulatinha (lighter-skinned white-Negro) Negra (negro)

Light-skinned brunette/black - morena clara.
Light brown/brunette - morena clara.




 But this subject is far from having unamimity, see:


 A morena person can be light-skinned with brown hair as well as tanned with smooth hair.




Another discussion about the subject.

...Also remember that even if the likes of Will, Oprah, Q, etc. did consider themselves “pardo” in Brazil, they still would generally be seen as black and treated as such there.






   Depending of your level of English, and your views on the subject, you may or may

 not take your side. Or pick an opinion of above, one favorite of yours.

   For the time being, I would say that you must stick to the tersest answer presented.



   Hope it helps.  PP.

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