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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  10/JAN/2010 11:16 AM
Assunto:  Itens

Ah, and there´s these ones, in wich they sell their skills in the past tense.
It´s very commom  a feature in resumés.






Ability to exercise extreme accuracy in the maintenance of shipping and receiving records. 
have the ability to perform physical labor in moving stocks and maintaining work area in a
and orderly condition, and the knowledge of sources of supply related to the specific departm
Possess a good driving record, as the driving record of selected candidates will be checked.



Job Responsibilities:
Effective coaches must be able to build relationships with other staff based on mutual respect,
demonstrate effective communication skills, practice conflict resolution skills, have an on-
going commitment to learning, possess good observation skills, model best practices working
with young children.

-  Stay current on updates and changes in accreditation systems (NAEYC, NAFCC,
-  Become trained in the Environment Rating Scales (ECERS, ITERS and FCCERS)
-  Become trained and proficient in the strategies of the Pyramid Model
-  Gather and track data in accordance with an identified evaluation plan.
-  Participate in supervision and peer support as offered for individuals working in
this capacity.
-  Attend regularly scheduled meetings with other coaches, community partners, and
professional development technical assistance staff.
-  Facilitate a process to help staff develop individual plans to improve their
environments, teaching practices to support young children’s growth and
development, and overall program quality.
-  Offer resources and strategies to staff to enhance relationships, create appropriate
environments, and teach social-emotional skills in children.
-  Check in periodically with staff to offer support and guidance.
-  Contact community partners to access external support when needed.
- Assist the participant to identify resources and  supplies in accordance with
individual plans.
- Willingness to travel throughout a region of Nebraska.
- Perform other duties as assigned.
- Maintain confidentiality.


    So, by doing some Googling (and by singling out edu domains) I have noticed

they generally use the 'pure' form of verbs (infinitive without TO).  So, describing

jobs you can use them this way.    

    It´s worth noticing that´s an academical approach; companies can advertise "if you like to travel/travelling......".    

    But, then it´s a gramatical structure of LIKE as you know, give a grammar book a whirl on the 'gerund use' topic.



     Back to your initial doubt:


Skills (needed)
- Correlate quantities and units.
- Understand simple statements involving codes and symbols of technical drawing.
- Understand manuals of installation and the use of equipments.
- Use of resources of tracing from elements of technical drawing.
- Work as a team.



    Are all correct, in my thinking, you can use them this way.  Hope it have cleared it up.


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