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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  23/JAN/2010 9:50 PM
Assunto:  Capital Letter




  When referring to a university or a government department, you only need to use the capital for specifically named departments.
   For example you can write something general such as: Research carried out at an Australian university has changed the way we think about psychology.
   However if you are more specific you might write: Research carried out in the School of Psychology at Griffith University, has changed the way we think about psychology.



    Rule 14. Capitalize the names of specific course titles.
     Example: I must take history and Algebra 2.

     Rule 8. Always capitalize the first and last words of titles of publications regardless of their parts of speech. Capitalize other words within titles, including the short verb forms Is, Are, and Be.

      Exception: Do not capitalize little words within titles such as a, an, the, but, as, if, and, or, nor, or prepositions, regardless of their length.
      Examples: The Day of the Jackal
      What Color Is Your Parachute?
      A Tale of Two Cities



      Introduction to philosophy  (Okay, as Fran rightly pointed out.  That is, being a faculty course subject.   But, if it is  book´s title it would be "Introduction to Philosophy - Rule 8, above.)


      History of philosophy. (Same as above -that is- if a book´s title would be all-capitalized, except the preposition 'of'.)


      Invitation to philosophy. (If it was a book´s title, might be "Invitation to Philosophy, though.  Since I think hardly it would be a faculty course subject.)






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