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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  17/FEV/2010 11:36 AM
Assunto:  Internships.

In a college it would likely to be (here the sentence divided into three parts):

-the assigned  work/college homework assignment/written or oral presentation/written research paper assignment (presentation)/project   
-to your/her etc       college’s academic advisor/career development coach/faculty advisor/career cordinator

*cultural note.
The US educational-work system has a lot of difference of that of Brazil; hence, the closer I found of our
system is the Germany´s  such like presented into http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apprenticeship.
Firstly, it seems that in the US there´s not such a thing as open positions to people aged 12-13 or in the whereabouts,
in our companies there´s a device (the apprenticeship- our way).  In it (Brazilian one), "Mechanical Technicians" (for lack of a better term just now), the student that ranks lower than the Mechanical Engineer can work part-time (in a paid scheme) has
wages as an incentive. 
    He can´t work more than eight hours, and only can work as an apprentice (according with the Brazilian Constitution).
     So the main difference to the German system (described into the above site) is the age, in German these positions are
open to 18+  only. 
     Ah, I was going to forget, that of UK is still more similar in this regard (even vocational training fit as
a glove! job shadowing as well, it is what an appreticeship do in Brazil, in-company).

     In short, being about apprenticeship; not the more college-wise internship, (though I would translate both of them "estágio" into Portuguese).   I would translate your sentence now as:
      "-Turn in/apply/submit
       -his work/assignment
      -to his/her etc   advisor (maybe mentor apply, let´s wait and see)."


Well, this is a tentatively answer, since I have never been abroad. It was from what I gather from my readings and little experience.




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