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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  20/FEV/2010 4:41 PM
Assunto:  Tradução de alguns termos...

      Hi André,  the explanation given by Fran is timely and impeccable, as always.
      I would add some more, say,  technical details (as an aside).

BEHIND SCHEDULE order/job/project/task = trabalho atrasado

       Yeah, that´s right.   I think she meant that you use ''behind schedule" when you talk about an order, job,  project, task yada yada yada; unfinished or pending.
        In programming (in my time, they were made in Dbase...), you must name the field as e.g. "order behind schedule" or merely behind schedule if it is clear from the very begging (let´s imagine that it is named ''Library Management", "Hardware Suppliment History".

         In other words, don´t name a field in a program, for example: "behind schedule order" but "order behind schedule".  I did know what Fran was talking about, and I am not seeing what she didn´t write.    I mean, we aren´t here fixing what is not broken.
But, I am pointing this out to a passing newbie around, just in case.

         In a printed form it could BEHIND SCHEDULE and then, e.g. (ORDER) put within parenthesis.
            The meaning in itself, is right, already superbly explained by Fran.


SEND to NEXT PHASE = enviar para monitoramento ???
( não entendi muito bem, se o processo completado vai para um monitor/auditor/supervisor )

        Just like Fran, I got puzzled about what you mean.  More context is needed.               However I think you tried convey something like "send to next dept." (send to next department, or even sent; depending on context).  
         Here, I think the concept is: the buyer have the first contact with the store through the seller/attendant. Once he/she bought a product, he is given a warranty, protocol, what you have.
       Afterwards, he discovers that the product is out of order/didn´t like its features/isn´t satisfied with its performance or quality in general.  He is going to the Complaint Management Section/Deptl.; or a Complaint Handling Section, fill a form or make a complain in person/by calls.
         The guy in charge of it will write to you or call you within some days (say, 3 working days...) and investigate/sort out/your problem and adress your complaint.   Normally, you will be given a written explanation of the actions, if any, have been taken and you will be kept informed of the process.
       Back to the program field, you could name it follow up, with the subfields "sent to the complaint Dept." "went to Accounting"  "Pending" etc. and "issue resolved" at last.  Since it could go to maintenance or go to accounting for the refund, for example, so no one knows what next phase is.

LOCALIDADE - Adress (along with informations like city, zip etc), but I am just making an educated guess here, I mean it´s just one of a multitude of  possibilities.


SOLICITANTE: I would put this in a neuter "client" or not so neuter ''complainant", knowing that firms are used to may use more soft words to it.


PREVISÃO DE TÉRMINO: wich context?
Prazos finais can be deadlines
Cronogramas can be  schedules  or timetables.  And the list can go on and on...


...to follow up?



DESTINATÁRIO: "Adressee" is the person a letter or package is adressed to (mail-wise).
     If you are to lodge a complaint, tough; I would say that you are emailing, or calling to
the person in charge of it, or the person providing the care (of complaints). If you  "If you prefer to talk to someone who is not involved in your care, you can telephone or write to the Complaints Manager whose details are on the contact information section."       http://www.gatesheadhealth.nhs.uk/our-services/support-services/services/complaints/complaints.php



   I didn´t exhaust the subject, the thread is open to further comments.

   Let´s wait.

   Ah, I hope somehow this comment is useful, and Fran don´t get me wrong for butting

in her explanation. He hee.




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