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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  21/FEV/2010 10:49 PM
Assunto:  Tradução de alguns termos...


     Looks like a program for a garage (oficina) or for a machine parts supplier or even a broker (A person who leases owned equipment to a carrier-www.motorera.com/dictionary/BR.htm).

garage = a repair shop where cars and trucks are serviced and repaired.

Here goes my guesses.



BEHINDE SCHEDULE - Instead of "field problem behind schedule" you could use "repair behind schedule"        If it is a baler/combine that gone south (broke) or ''task behind schedule''.          

       The latter also could mean that the machine is working but the task wasn´t (or isn´t being) performed within the period set.   Same if it is ahead of schedule it would be registered in this field.
        In other words, you have to specify which field problem you are dealing with, not letting this be a just a vague notion.   Plus, instead of ''problem'' you can use ''defect''.


LOCALIDADE - You can use PLACE, but given the options you offered, I would put "location/area" (meaning the continent/country etc.)


SOLICITANTE - I would use "customer" it is a business-friendly term. And also sums up "the person who requests something  [wether a service/goods/consultancy/parts/whatever you have."  You can use other terms, I just think this one means business.

PREVISÃO DE TÉRMINO - I would simply put "estimate of repair work/service work/estimate of receiving the part/estimate of completion of service" within wich the customer is expected to receive the part or have the work completed. It´s likely that
other terms may be used as well.

MONITORING...Aaaah! now I got it!
      You might have the three tabs, under the heading of STATUS.  Okay, under states comes the six different status of the process.    If a tab is empty, you automaticaly knows that the combine/baler etc is not there, so let´s imagine that one the six tabs are:
                                           STATUS OF SERVICE/ MAINTENANCE/WORK   etc
Collecting (tow etc)               [    ]      < - tick, if it is in this phase/stage of the process
Investigation                          [    ]
Electrical Maintenance           [    ]
Tires Maintenance/Engine      [    ]
Transmission Maintenance      [    ]
Hydraulic System Maintenance [    ]  


     After the last work completion, the machine or part is QC-passed, and the customer is satisfied.    Or you could put one more field, saying so.
     In short, the very fact you have a check-list of status is a monitoring of sorts, or a following up, don´t you think?   Except that in programming you must  shorten your remarks, doing so you use less bits.

DESTINATÁRIO - "This one is the person who will receive e-mails sent by the software." 
      Yeah, if you are talking about e-mail it can be ''(mail)  recipient''; if it would be snail-mail would be 'addressee'.
     If there are more than one, it is possible to say "recipient list".

Related terms for other learners information (to catch up with our discussion,




1. Harvester that heads and threshes and cleans grain while moving across the field.  [Port.: colheitadeira aka combine
havester - e.g. cotton combine harvester and others.]

Port.: Fardo
Hence, baler being machine that make bales [so it is a "enfeixador", "embalador de fardos" etc.]



   Hope it helps, and excuse me if I am not that accurate.  I am not a program whiz, and no English connoisseur as well, but I think you are closer to what you wanted than you were in the beggining. Or maybe not.


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