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Autor:  Sidney
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  04/MAR/2010 5:30 PM
Assunto:  to Fran, Supposed

Me again…


Another thing Fran, I’ve been thinking about this and no answers popped up on my mind yet.

How do we keep people motivated? Most of my friends write to me saying, “I’m going to learn English! Can you give me a hand?”


I usually get excited about it and tell them, “buy a grammar book, get a good dictionary and a textbook and you’re good to go”.

Then, they try to write the first sentences in English, because they didn’t study enough yet, they make a lot of mistakes. (which is okay BTW)

After a while, I ask them, how the leaning is going…most of them don’t complete the hard task of learning a foreign language. They just give up!


It’s so sad…but why people don’t put some time on it to really learn the language? They should set themselves a goal…something like, by the end

of April I will have learned the simple past, the present continuous, the irregular verbs. Why is so difficult to do it?


I hate when I don’t know things…I feel great about learning stuff….maybe my discipline comes from music. When I started

to play sax my teacher told me. “The only way you can play well is to study music theory”. And this is not always fun…like grammar

sometimes it can be really boring study that. But once you have a goal…there’s no back down.


I wish people had this eager for learning. Not only languages but all kind of stuff. I worked with a lot Mexicans when I first came

to Canada. Even though I wasn’t all happy about that, I saw one opportunity to learn some Spanish. I was always asking them

questions. Some folks just let the information goes over their heads.


Too bad… :(





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