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Autor:  Dale-CR
E-mail:  dale_thomas2004@yahoo.com.br
Data:  05/MAR/2010 10:51 AM
Assunto:  "visto" (a 'short' signature)?
Mensagem:  Don't re-invent the English language, guys!  You are giving meanings to "initials" that the term does not have.  Check out the following from Merriam-Webster:

Main Entry: 2initial    Pronunciation Guide
Pronunciation: "
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): -s
1 a (1) : the first letter of a proper name (2) initials plural : the initial letters of an individual's name and surname; also : the initial letters of the name of an organization, state, or other entity (as U.S.A. for "United States of America" or C.I.O. for "Congress of Industrial Organizations") or of any group of words <the initials "PE" (meaning "Previous Experience") -- U.S. Code> b (1) : a form of an alphabetical letter that regularly is used only at the beginning of a word (2) : a large letter beginning a text or a division or paragraph usually capital and extending over two or more text lines and sometimes ornate and in more than one color

As you can see,"intials" are the first letters in a person's name.  (See the examples I gave in my post.)  "Initials" are not the same as "signature" (the entire name).  And initials have nothing to do with legibility, clarity, neatness, etc.  Clear?

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