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Autor:  ky
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  05/MAR/2010 4:59 PM
Assunto:  "visto" (a 'short' signature)?

PP, about my last post, no offense taken...I just wanted to clarify that I´m not one of those people who post things that were already answered on the forum a zillion times before. And thank you once again for your attention, Dale and PP. I´ve just read the last posts and now am wondering whether "initials" is really appropriate for the context I have...let me (try to) explain, the word "visto" is on a spreadsheet and refers to one of its columns...it´s something like this:


data      alteração                visto

12/2      segunda troca       


The problem is I´m not sure 'visto' in Portuguese means only initials. Sometimes it´s just a shorter version of a person´s signature (not necessarily including the initials). But I can´t think of any other word for that. Do you think "initials" is the best word for visto in this context? Or would it better to simply use "signature" instead (although assinatura and visto are different things)? Thank you both!

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