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Autor:  Dale-CR
E-mail:  dale_thomas2004@yahoo.com.br
Data:  22/MAR/2010 1:25 AM
Assunto:  tipos de carne
Mensagem:  http://members.shaw.ca/masterbutcher/meat_cuts.html

There are many websites that show the different cuts and their names in English.  Something to remember is that some cuts do not have exact counterparts.  A butcher in Brazil is not going to cut a carcass of beef in the same way an American or Mexican will.

"Beef" usually refers to the source of the meat.  It is, by the way, a non-countable.  (Do you want beef, chicken or pork?)  The American cowboy once called a head of cattle "a beef".  "Steak" usually refers to where on the carcass the beef (meat) comes from.  (Is it tri-tip, round, T-bone, rump, sirloin, or rib?)  Lately there has been a tendency to use "steak" to salmon and other fish.

How about some steak tonight?  (Steak, not beef.)
We ate steak.  (It would sound very strange to say "beef".)
We had a steak.  (You cannot say "a beef".)
What kind of steak is this?  (It would not make sense to ask "What kind of beef is this?" because there is only one kind of beef but many kinds of steaks.)

Is this chicken, pork or beef?  (Never steak.)
That is a lot of beef on the hoof.  (I suppose one could humorously say ¨"a lot of steak on the hoof", but it doesn´t sound natural.)
Would you like some beef pie?  Would you like some steak pie?  (Both are possible.  "Steak" is more precise.  It is like the difference between "South American food" and "Bolivian food".)  

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