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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  23/MAR/2010 11:39 PM
Assunto:  To Finesse

   Not usual, never have seen ''to finesse".

   To elaborate/To ornate would be the words; even so; I think there are better ways of expressing it, but with sentences.  I think they don´t usually use elaborate/ornate in this sense, that´s why this comment here.


    Some that I got from Internet, and some modified by me, then. To make the point.



    "His works are made with immaculate attention to detail."

   "made with fidelity and elaborateness of detail" 

   "an ornate appearance"

    "being elaborately decorated"

     "The prices of the boxes are based on the manufacturer (whose name is painted onto the box) and the elaborateness of the design."

     "The artistic delicacy and elaborateness in the manufacturing of Rajasthani jewellery made of purest and finest materials is world-renowned."

      "Produced with all the Fidelity and Elaborateness of detail for Mich the Great."

      "Our company has invested large amount of money in introducing domestically leading production equipment and testing facilities to ensure the elaborateness of every process of production and every piece of products."




   Like I said, some sentences and pieces of text like wouldn´t  had the same effect if the author decided to shorten them, trying to use a single word (verb, I mean).

   But, then, maybe it´s me.







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