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Autor:  Dale-CR
E-mail:  dale_thomas2004@yahoo.com.br
Data:  24/MAR/2010 1:42 PM
Assunto:  pegada e levar bolo de alguém
Mensagem:  For pegada, maybe "He has what it takes." 

I"ve only heard to ditch used in States in the sense of (1) to abandon, (2) to make a forced landing of a plane in the water, and (3) to discard. 
(1a) You take a girl to a dance, she meets someone else and disappears with him.,  She has ditched you.  (Clearly, this is not the same as "to stand someone up".)
(1b) The bandits ditched their car in the forest.
(2) You are flying to Angola from Brazil.  The plane has engine trouble.  You are forced to land in the sea.  You have ditched the plane.  (Note that this is restricted to water landings.)
(3) You ignore a rule/law/constitution or decide to replace it with another.  You ditch it.

In the States, "to flop", is (1) to fail, (2) to move about like a flag in the wind, and (3) to set down something heavy in a careless manner.
(1) The movie flopped.  The movie was a flop.
(2) What is that in the tree?  It is flopping around.  Is a handkerchief, a shirt...or what?
(3) Flop yourself down in the chair.  You look very tired.

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