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Autor:  Fran
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  26/MAR/2010 4:46 PM
Assunto:  Grammar Points.
Mensagem:  Student,

If you open that link about the count. and uncount. the info. there is going to help you a great deal. Also in English, either British or American, many times it's sort like your gut feeling telling you that something is really right. Familiarity with the native language increases that awareness, that gut feeling.

However, remember that grammar on a test is intend to test knowledge, the day-to-day communication on the other hand is intended for mutual communication and understanding.

Most likely the native speaker will not care if you say the public has or the public have as long as you speak correctly and order your sentences and phrases carefully so that native speakers can understand what you are trying to say.

Don't get stressed out or tormented just because you have most likely studied for a decade and you still missed 2 points on a paper test.

What really matters most for anyone who wants to speak English fluently is to understand and be understood by native speakers as well as by the English speaking community at large.

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