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Autor:  Teacher
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Data:  28/MAR/2010 11:52 AM
Assunto:  Do em Questions

Dear Mr. Vidal,


1. How many cars do you have ? ( this is correct in my view );

'Standard English Grammar' demands this sentence as a norm.

2. How many cars you have ? ( this is not correct in my view ).

This sentence is very frequent in spoken English



That is a typical dilemma language learners of foreign may face. It happens because of the fact that most book authors traditionally prefer to present standard written 'the-book-is-on-the-table English' rather than the way it occurs in spoken contexts. It is also true for English teachers. That's why many learners or even teachers seem bookish when they speak.


So, don't be astonished at the differences in the English you hear when talking to native speakers, listening to songs or watching videos.






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