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Autor:  Dale-CR
E-mail:  dale_thomas2004@yahoo.com.br
Data:  29/MAR/2010 10:09 PM
Assunto:  thanks in advanceh
Mensagem:  Interesting,  I don't recall reading "thank you in advance" in formal correspondence.  The other expressions, however, are common.

I am not sold on the idea that "thanks already" is in wide use.  I got about 39,000 Google hits, but....in many cases "thanks" was ending one sentence and "already" was beginning another.  In other words, it was not being used as a phrase.   If the phrase is widely used and understood, why doesn't it show up more often in Google and why aren't native speakers telling us that, yes, they use it all the time? 

It reminds me of some of the jargon and slang of limited usage we find posted.  Hearing something said doesn't mean that it is widely accepted and understood.  It that were true, all Brazilians would know  what a cusco is.  I know, because I lived where the word was often used.  But I don't use it around people not from the South because it is unlikely to be in their vocabulary.  How about jacare?  Cariocas know it is slang for sleeping bag, but in  South the term is unknown to most campers.

If you want to be understood, consider the vocabulary of your audience.

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