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Autor:  Dale-USA
E-mail:  dale_thomas2004@yahoo.com.br
Data:  18/ABR/2010 12:29 AM
Assunto:  to Dale-USA
Mensagem:  Jazz, you call me "sir"?  You are hurting my feelings.  LOL

1) 'I may well do so when my son finished medical school here in about 12-18 months..." do you mean " finished" or "finishes"?
Yes, a typo.  Should be "finishes".  Sorry!  I´m BUSTED!

2) "When a native makes a comment about a term, a grammar rule, etc., I think that would be helpful for the Brazilian learner to know..."
is "that" a conJunction?  if so, is the subject missing?  Should you have typed "I think (that) it would be", instead?
Yes, another (/·"//&"% typo.  Should be an "it" after "that".  Sorry!  Let me think of a good excuse and I will get back to you.

Actually, it was all part of my plan.  My goal was to identify those who read posts and those who spend too much time dancing fervo and forro.   LOL

Have you heard the expression, "What is good for the goose is good for the gander"?  It means that rules and consequences should be for everyone, that nobody should be exempt.  I am a terrible proofreader.  Some people can write something, re-read it and find their errors.  It´s difficult for me to do it unless I leave the work and come back to it later with a fresh mind.  One little trick I keep trying to remember to use is to write and then read aloud what I have written.  My ear catches the errors more efficiently than my eyes.  Jazz, I will make an effort to do a better job at proofreading.  I also noted that the post is time stamped 3:00 AM.  That´s either very late at night or very early in the morning.  I should have been in bed at that hour, not on the computer.  LOL

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