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Autor:  Jazz
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  19/ABR/2010 10:45 AM
Assunto:  phonics... thanks Ricardo
Mensagem:  Dearest Ricardo,

I do appreciate your attention.

I´ve already taught phonology to small groups, yet I have a rather limited grasp of phonics regarding hands-on activities. Actually, all I know comes from a classic "American Pronunciation", which I used to study while majoring in English at UFBa.

Anyway, I love bringing authentic material to class even though sts. may not fully understand them. Our task is solely to promote conversation in the end. And they´re aware of that.

If any of my experiments work out in class [just for fun, but serioulsy enough by exposing students to natural spontaneous spoken English] through phonics games/activities, I´ll let you know.

Thank you very much indeed.


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