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Autor:  Dale-USA
E-mail:  dale_thomas2004@yahoo.com.br
Data:  21/ABR/2010 12:55 PM
Assunto:  Estagiário
Mensagem:  Your question is easy, but the answer is difficult.  An "estagiario" is an intern, but the problem is that the concept is not widely used and known in the USA.  (You did not say if the resumé was for Americans or not.  I am American and I am writing from the viewpoint of someone in the USA.)  The typical intern in the USA is someone working in the fields of medicine, dentistry, etc.  And the typical intern is getting practical experience in an area in which he already has academic training.  (First you attend medical school, and then you work as an intern in a hospital.  You don´t work as an intern without having studied medicine first.)  It is generally understood that the intern will not remain where the internship has taken place but will find employment elsewhere.  The typical trainee is an employee receiving a salary.  He or she is learning a skill that he will put to use in the same company.  The fact that he is a trainee suggests that he does not know the job but the company believes he has the potential to be a good employee.

You could say, I believe, your son has served an internship with Company XYZ.  Your meaning will be understood.  If the company has questions, that is exactly what your son wants:  a chance to speak to his potential employer.

Bear in mind that American resumés and Brazilian resumés are quite different.  I suggest that you go to Google and look for help in writing it.  It may be worth your while to have an American resumé service write it for you.  You certainly want to avoid any mistakes in English, and a service will have great experience in writing and knowing what companies want to find in a new employee.  For starters, the typical American resumé is usually two pages long.  TWO PAGES.  Not 18 or 27, but only 2.  I have seen resumés in Brazil, and they can give very negative impressions of candidates.  It´s a cultural issue.  The purpose of the American resumé is not to tell everything possible about the candidate, but to interest the prospective employer enough that he will request an interview with the candidate.  If you don´t believe me, and I doubt that you will, look at some American resumés and see for yourself. 

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