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Autor:  eddie
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  26/ABR/2010 10:19 PM
Assunto:  subjunctive?
Mensagem:  You would prefer that he take your belongings and kill you too?

Your post is very interesting and confusing too.
The word "would" in the phrase doesn't really express its usual function as a conditional -
here it is only a word that expresses politeness and shows that you want to do
something.On the other hand, it won't cause any trouble if you translated it into
Portuguese as conditional. (Take it easy it's really confusing) - "voce preferiria (futuro do pretérito) que ele pegasse (pretérito imperfeito do subjuntivo) seus pertences..." in Portuguese.
Ok, To try and reason out the problem, the word "take" is in its subjunctive form.
And, I found out that subjunctive forms in English don't change according
to person.Of course it happens that way, otherwise how would we explain "If were you"? Finally, after so much work, I think we can render the phrase into portugue in two
ways: "Você prefere que ele pegue seus pertences e mate você?" or
"Você preferiria que ele pegasse seus pertences e matasse você?".
(You would prefer that he take your belongings and kill you too?)

Take a look at  http://www.englishclub.com/grammar/verbs-subjunctive.htm  or
find out more about subjunctive mood in English.

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