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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  07/MAI/2010 9:28 AM
Assunto:  going to

I am going to Italy next month.


 How are you going to travel? By car, plane or ship? Possible answer: I am going to by plane; or I am going to by plane. My doubt: When does not appear a verb after (going to) I have to  use (to) after it?
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  Hi Marcoa.   I would change some things here.


  Who are going to go with?  

I would say: Who are going with you? or Who are going along with you? the first one may be righ grammatically (I am not so sure, tough) but the italicized ones (here) seems more "natural".


   How are you going to travel? - I am going by plane. 


   In  the answers you don´t need the particle TO.   When it comes to means of transport, you travel by (bus, plane etc) or on (for example, on foot).



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    When you say that you are planning to go places  (cities, countries...) , yes, you use to.     (without mentioning the mean of transport)


    Examples: I am going to Natal next week. 

                    I am going to the US next year.

                    I am going to China tomorrow.

                    I am going to Mommy´s (Mommy´s house).

                    I am going to the office on Monday to work, what a pity!




                   I am going to the beach, by bus or on foot, Saturday.




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