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Autor:  Sérgio T. Buchalla
E-mail:  sbuchalla@uol.com.br
Data:  08/JAN/2003 7:54 AM
Assunto:  Expression
Mensagem:  Please, take a look at the extract bellow, form the book “Gladiator: A Hero Will Rise” (ISBN 0-582-47117-6):

“...Soon Maximus is fighting for his life again, first as a prisoner, then a slave, and finally as a gladiator. One thought keeps Maximus alive: that he will finally meet and kill the man he hates most -the new Emperor, Commodus....”

Is the sentence "One thought keeps somebody alive" an expression? Is it usual?


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 Expression  –  Sérgio T. Buchalla  08/JAN/2003, 7:54 AM
Re: Expression  –  pat  08/JAN/2003, 10:37 AM

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