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Autor:  Fran
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  25/MAI/2010 1:46 PM
Assunto:  Use x Wear
wear = adorno, proteção, uso "on the person"

wear sunscreen

use = colocar em serviço, em ação, empregar "for a given purpose"

use your hands to apply sunscreen

wear  (wâr)
v. wore (wôr, wr)worn (wôrn, wrn)wear·ingwears
1. To carry or have on the person as covering, adornment, or protection: wearing a jacket; must wear a seat belt.
2. To carry or have habitually on the person, especially as an aid: wears glasses.
3. To display in one's appearance: always wears a smile.
4. To bear, carry, or maintain in a particular manner: wears her hair long.
5. To fly or display (colors). Used of a ship, jockey, or knight.
6. To damage, diminish, erode, or consume by long or hard use, attrition, or exposure. Often used with away, down, or off: rocks worn away by the sea; shoes worn down at the heels.
7. To produce by constant use, attrition, or exposure: eventually wore hollows in the stone steps.
8. To bring to a specified condition by long use or attrition: wore the clothes to rags; pebbles worn smooth.
9. To fatigue, weary, or exhaust: Your incessant criticism has worn my patience.

vb [juːz] (tr)
1. to put into service or action; employ for a given purpose to use a spoon to stir with
2. to make a practice or habit of employing; exercise he uses his brain
3. to behave towards to use a friend well
4. to behave towards in a particular way for one's own ends he uses people
5. to consume, expend, or exhaust the engine uses very little oil

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