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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  25/MAI/2010 8:27 PM
Assunto:  Use x Wear



   Not one rule per se, but with the help and a dictionary and using commom sense we conclude that "to wear" is to have something ON one´s body (such as clothes, shoes, jewellery etc).
   That is, using something in contact with the body or covering us (here for protection as a substitute for some other other coverings - hats, clothes etc). 



   As for the word "USE"; there are that definition in the Longman [Contemporary English Dictionary] that goes: "to buy a particular product regularly => I always use the same deodorant.    [Among the tens of others definitions to USE, of course...]



Some examples of the usage of the words  (taken from the Internet) :


Those words were a blend of common sense ("Wear sunscreen" and "Respect your elders") and some not-so-common sense ("Do one thing every day that scares you" and "Keep your old love letters. Throw away your old bank statements.").


What I do is wear a sunhat
Well, not only are we told to put them on our skin, we’re told to wear them in the sun.

–verb (used with object)
to carry or have on the body or about the person as a covering, equipment, ornament, or the like: to wear a coat; to wear a saber; to wear a disguise.
to have or use on the person habitually: to wear a wig.

To carry or have equipped on or about one's body, as an item of clothing, equipment, decoration, etc.
He's wearing some nice pants today.
She wore her medals with pride.
Please wear your seatbelt.
He was wearing his lunch after tripping and falling into the buffet.

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Reapply often and use a good amount of sunscreen
Clinical studies revealed that most people do not use sunscreen properly: they do not apply enough of it. For an average body you need about 35 ml (~1 1/4 fl. oz.) of sunscreen.

Always apply sunscreen half an hour before you expose yourself to the sun. Reapply every two to three hours. Do so even when you are using a waterproof sunscreen. This is because most of the ingredients of a sunscreen form unstable compounds that will fall apart after a certain amount of time and light doses. They also can rub off, sweat off, or wash off. But be aware that reapplying does not increase the SPF!

Where to use sunscreen
The general rule should be that you cover every part of your body with sunscreen that might be exposed to sun light. Certain parts of your body have a special risk of getting burned since they are more exposed areas of your body than others.

Don't reserve the use of sunscreen only for sunny days. 

How to Use Sunscreen on the Face.
More than half of people buy or use sunscreens.
You need to use sunscreen even if you have darker skin pigment
What kind of sunscreen should I use?
One way we can protect our skin from harmful UV radiation is by using sunscreen.


Most people don't give a thought to how they apply their sunscreen. The fact that they are wearing it at all, should be enough... isn't it?



Why does my 7 month old kitten obsessively lick my hand? - Yahoo

Are you wearing hand cream? My kitty loves licking it off my hands.



    See?  you can use or wear sunscreen, or you can wear or use hand cream, depends on context.    On what you mean.

    Hope it helps.

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