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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  28/MAI/2010 7:02 AM
Assunto:  Switching rules

     When tests are being conducted on fewer than 5 lots of condoms, the additional protection of the switching rules in ISO 2859-1 is not available and it is recommended that the sampling plans given in Annex B be used to maintain the level of consumer protection.


     Quando os testes são realizados em menos de 5 lotes de preservativos, a proteção adicional das regras de comutação (de inspeção de amostras) da norma técnica ISO 2859-1 não está disponível e é recomendável que o plano de amostras dados no anexo B seja usado para manter o nível de proteção do consumidor.





Please take a look at:




The Operating Characteristic (OC) curve shows the probability of acceptance, Pa, for any level of lot quality. See Figure 1. On the horizontal axis is the quality characteristic.
This oc-curve enables you to evaluate the probability of acceptance for any true lot quality level-on a what-if basis. This way, you can design sampling plans that perform the way you want.
Interpret the curve according to this example:
If the lot quality is 0.093 fraction defective, then the probability of acceptance, Pa, is 0.05.
If the lot quality is 0.018 fraction defective, then the probability of acceptance, Pa, is 0.95.


SWITCHING RULES -- The switching rules switch back and forth between three sampling plans that have different oc curves. That is, the normal plan, the tightened plan, and and the reduced plan each has its own oc curve. For example switching from normal to reduced inspection gives you a plan with a worse consumers point. It is like switching from oc curve B to oc curve A below:
Strategically, reduced inspection is like saying:
"Quality has been good recently so lets reduce the sample size and increase our exposure to passing off-grade lots."
When an off-grade lot finally comes along the reduced inspection plan has higher probability of accepting it -- compared to the normal plan.








Hope it helps.

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