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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  28/MAI/2010 6:46 PM
Assunto:  to dig at sb

    Yup, sometimes "dig" means to like something, sometimes have a negative sense, like to inflict pain, etc.

    Context is the name of the game.






To like something.
Did you hear that cd?
Yeah.. I dig it..


1.to break up, turn, or loosen (earth) with an implement
2.to love something
1: I dig holes
2: I dig holes

1. To understand something

2. to appreciate or like something.
I'll bet she really digs him.


a) To understand

b) To like.
1) can you dig it?

2) I dig that Pac Cd


A word to use when you're insulting someone. Like a "burn" or a "blast". An insult. A dig isn't usually meant seriously. It's normally used in a joking manner with a hint of truth. :)
"Nice dig. OUCH!" or "She got her little digs in"

word to describe an insult..usually not meant in a serious manner, just a friendly "jab" at someone. you can't just make something up, the dig has to be somewhat truthful.
"some kid was diggin' on james like crazy just now.. talkin about his momma! LoL"


Dig: To create holes in the ground with a given implement.

Dig: To have understanding of.

Dig: To inflict pain.

Digs: Where you live
C'mon you bad mama jamma's I gotta dig me a hole you dig, so pull some weight else you all get digs, after this we can head bag to my digs for chills homes.


to acknowledge in respect
"Peter, that's a pumpin' band."
"Yes, Tom, Dig."

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