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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  31/MAI/2010 12:54 AM
Assunto:  About Dale

Hi Dale, you´re already a household name in this forum.   You have shared tons of insightful tips, and a lot of valuable (insightful and reliable) information with us.

You are one of these guys that quickly notice small (often unchecked) details that go unheeded by the majority of us (or almost).  Even tough we scrutinize our writtings with a magnifying glass, something pass and you have pointed it out in learner-friendly way.

I wish I had EMB at my school times, so much lacks of English skills and expertise for me...!    Of course, you are part of the forum and kindly have taught a lot here.

And I, for one, feel like I have known you all my life even tough I never met you.  

So, you remain a big influence in my English and vocabulary (that improved a lot these years).

Sure, Brazil is experiencing growing prosperity along with increasing interest towards languages (mainly English, Spanish, French, Italian, and a lot of others as well).

There are plenty of schools, courses, in-company classes, immersion and  exchange programs...but most of them are in the major capitols and largest cities in the country.


However, there are 32 mi. citizens that reach the Net by Lan Houses (you know, these home computer networks).  In  these in-house small private networks where people access the Web on a shoestring (at reduced costs, and great convenience to them).  A fraction of these (I suppose) study English and goes to sites in wich they are required to talk or write in English; and there are the ones in Portuguese that aren´t accurate (reliable) enough to be assured of a good apprenticeship.

I know well that students aren´t the more affable beings in the world, they moon in the class, they argue, they complain and they think they are right most of times.

To deal with human beings takes the patience of Job to do the job, I know well. 

Yet, without being sure, but I think that the guys that started the horseplay didn´t meant to; they stirred up the hornet´s nest without intending to.

So, let´s go on and forget this event, knowing that a lot of have-nots out there whom the single source of reliable English is this forum and a some others that you can easily count in your fingers.  There are plenty of guys that live in the sticks (including me), places where a Speak Up or a Think mag, or whatever mag you can think of, doesn´t come up (without you paying a dear price, along with shipping and all).

I know that the way people write in the Net sometimes hurts, it´s tantamount to not acknowledging our efforts (I mean, the efforts of you guys that really counts, that know the ropes!)

So, I speak for me (there´s a long way to go) and for these Brazilian that are English enthusiasts, albeit some them aren´t coming to say that (many don´t even know how to).

You are welcome back whenever you please, that´s the spirit; and English Made in Brazil is made in pretty much everywhere (not only in Brazil).   And I know that you do

like Brazilians, or at least you are missing Brazilian bbq!


Frankly, I am not good with words, you know, but this is the closest to a show of gratitude I could make, or was intended to. Honest!

EMB is in the waiting mode, you can bet.



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