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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  03/JUN/2010 11:19 PM
Assunto:  insist on

   We are pretty glad that it somehow helped.


   Sorry for being that late; I am very busy these days...you know, my son (the older of

them) traveled to Natal the day before yesterday, work matters.   So it was a first to him.   My wife and the girlfriend of him went to see his departure at the bus station...they cried him a river, and vice versa.   I had to give lots of attention to the remaining ones of the family, looks like home is hollow, something missing...

    That´s more , I am reading the novel "The Alibi Man" by Tami Hoag; part of my reading program)   A task  I assigned to myself, of reading at least one book a month (if I can).     So, I took vantage of the holiday to read some pages to catch up with reading (lagging behind schedule).

    I also went shopping, with the help of my wife (to blow my budget...! hehe, snif snif!)

    At last, I got friend visitors awhile ago. But, even so; here and there I reached the Forum to see how things are going.   And, of course, I have liked what I have seen. Very good indeed!

     Tomorrow I hope I am more free, at last!  provided that my wife is not going to ask me to kill that mouse that is in the hide and appear now and then, in his sneaking ways.    Or won´t demand that I do this repainting job on these peeling walls or if she isn´t going to wake up and suggest "wow, it´s a nice sunny day; it´s inviting us to go to the beach, ain´t it?  (these suggestions, indeed less a suggestion than a demand...)      

     Anyway, nice to see that my friends Dale, Fran, Teacher and Co. are doing a pretty good job here.  Hope to join pretty soon.









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