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Autor:  What about
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Data:  04/JUN/2010 4:33 PM
Assunto:  DÚVIDAS

Costa Rica: I was done for by a car rental guy who rented a Jeep to me with faulty

hand brakes. Parked on a hilly slope in a suburb in San Jose it slowly but surely made its way towards a house. It gently met with the front wall  and guess who had to pay for the scratches on the car. The house was allright, thank god.

The rest of the Costa Ricans were nice people  though, even the butterflies are nice there. Out of group of 6, they insisted on choosing my nose to sit on when visiting a butterfly exhibition.

And yes , I can recommend a year in the merde in France . Not only is the Englishman bewildered by the French , the French were bewildered by the Englishman.


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