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Autor:  André_rs
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  10/JUN/2010 11:08 PM
Assunto:  English Club

Our club will start with three people (besides me). These three friends of mine are like “intermediate speakers” (and I don’t like to use this type of classification, but is only to give you an idea about our current situation), so in the beginning I will be leading the meetings and sharing some things that I already feel myself comfortable to teach them….my goal is to do this during our initial meetings and keep in mind that we must strive to have all of our friends awareof the new club, and eventually, we will be having more and more people going to our meetings.


Up to now the only contact I have with native speakers is inside the company which Iwork, but for sure I will take your advice and introduce myself whenever I hear someone speaking English.


The meeting will take place at one of my friends’ office. These guys are into web design area, so it will be really easy for them to help creating folders, newsletters to be sent to our friends by e-mail, besides the fact they have a lot of acquaintances.

And I will also ask them to design a certificate…great, great idea.


Regarding the name, do you mind if we call it “English Club” too? We can pay you royalties ifyou want! LOL


There is one thing I would like to ask you to give more information about…how was it in the beginning… I mean, did you all just sit around the table and speak about random subjects? Was there any type of black board to also study some grammar?

We are willing to start also taking some minutes during the meetings to take a look at some grammar rules using a black board, etc…


Oh, and for sure, send to my e-mail a copy of your notes: andre.rodrigues@sa.agcocorp.com


Thanks a lot.

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