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Autor:  marceu
E-mail:  marceu@gmail.com
Data:  14/JUN/2010 8:29 AM
Assunto:  last abstract doubts

Muito obrigado Paulo, já foi um grande adianto... Até o momento só precisei completar um "t" no final da palavra sought, ficou assim:



Abstract: In the face of technological development experienced in the field of dentistry, high esthetic results and functional as well, are much sought after. New materials and techniques were developed, refined and perfected in order to creating new restorative dentistry solutions along with getting a more natural satisfactory results. In this way, it becomes essential to know, understand and adapt the use of metal-free ceramic systems, to achieve success in clinical and laboratory indirect restorative work in order to restore comfort, function and beauty. The research proposal is to describe the various ceramic systems current free metal, emphasizing the method of manufacturing systems which includes pressed ceramics, pottery and ceramics machined infiltrated by machines: In-Ceram ® (Vita Zahnfabrik), IPS Empress 2 ® (Ivoclar Vivadent ) and Procera ® (Nobel Biocare). In this proposal we will present descriptive properties, indications, contraindications, limitations, advantages and disadvantages of ceramic systems infrastructure in question, in order to subsidize recent information to dental professionals with an interest in this subject. For the success of new ceramic systems is necessary to use high technology, and although introduced new equipment to facilitate prosthetic works, especially the CAD / CAM still continue to fabricate complex dental prostheses using conventional techniques.

Keywords: Infrastructure ceramics, ceramic metal-free systems

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