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Autor:  mjd
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  22/MAR/2004 7:48 PM
Assunto:  Re: Prepositions
Mensagem:  Léia, É difícil ajudar-te sem exemplos ou uma pergunta específica. Eu vou dar-te alguns exemplos: IN: "John is in school." (This could mean two things depending on the context. It could mean John is in school right now, but he'll be coming home later [in this case one could also say "John is at school"] or it could mean John is a student and that's how he spends his time, as opposed to someone who has a full-time job. The first meaning would be like: "João está na escola, mas vai chegar em casa às 4:30." The second meaning would be like: "João está na escola porque é um estudante"). "The man is in the car." (O homem está dentro do carro. In this case, "in" means inside.) ON: "The ball is on the table." (A bola está na mesa. It means the ball is lying on the table. Boats sail on the water; in other words, on top of the water. However, airplanes fly "in" the air, because they're not on top of the air, rather they're surrounded by it). "On" can also mean "under the influence" or "occupied with": "John is on drugs." (John is using drugs). "John lives on the third floor of his apartment." (He lives on the floor, not in or at the floor). AT: "At" generally has to do with location...as to where someone or something is: "John is at school." (Agora João está na escola mas logo vai chegar em casa). "One can buy fish at the supermarket." "During the day, most people are at school or at work." "At" can also be related to time: "The train arrives at 3:00." "At age 72, he wrote his last novel."

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