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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  22/JUN/2010 9:53 PM
Assunto:  Comentarista

   Hi Dale, I suppose that in your first answer you were thinking in the definition 2.



   2 : one that comments on sports events (as baseball games) to television spectators or describes them to a radio audience   



   1 : one that introduces television or radio programs, often acts as master of ceremonies, makes commercial announcements , reads news summaries and sports reviews, gives station identification, and signals the control room for the switching of network broadcasts


   Then comes the concept 1)

   My question then is, what about the guy that talks in background, but without being seen?    In Brazil, in the SBT channel there was the Lombardi, and in the Globo there are a couple of them that announces the F-1 race and on the intervals in between novels they ''announce" the next program and what it is all about (a seguir no Globo reporter...)

   This guy is termed announcer?

    And the girl with an awesome voice at the airport that announce the arrival/departure schedule, is she an announcer?

    Wow! I think I just made the longest question ever!


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