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Autor:  Dale-USA
E-mail:  dale_thomas2004@yahoo.com.br
Data:  22/JUN/2010 10:16 PM
Assunto:  Comentarista

   My question then is, what about the guy that talks in background, but without being seen?    In Brazil, in the SBT channel there was the Lombardi, and in the Globo there are a couple of them that announces the F-1 race and on the intervals in between novels they ''announce" the next program and what it is all about (a seguir no Globo reporter...)

   This guy is termed announcer?

That sounds right to me.

    And the girl with an awesome voice at the airport that announce the arrival/departure schedule, is she an announcer?

I have no idea what her title would be.  I would not call her an announcer, and yet she announces.

There was/is an announcer at Garulhos that would drive me crazy.  He spoke in very slow, exaggerated English.  It was difficult to understand him.  He probably spoke excellent English in a normal conversation, but he seemed to be in training to take over the job of Antonio Fagundes.  Very dramatic.

"Fliiiggghhhtttt one-one-twoooooooooooooo izzzzzzzzzz leavingggggg frooooom Gaaaaaate Sevennnnnnnnnnnn.   Mooooove your butttttt......"

The announcements in English on airplanes are often impossible to understand.  The crewmembers seem to equate speed with a good command of the language.  They are merely repeating from memory something memorized years earlier. 


What????  What did she say about a fire in the left engine???  Are we all going to die???

A flight from Porto Alegre to Sampa comes to mind.  I had to listen to the announcements in Portuguese to understand what had been said in English. 

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