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Autor:  Silvia
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  23/MAR/2004 3:39 PM
Assunto:  Re: Globalization
Mensagem:  Fabio, Cancun is paradise and Tijuana (at the San Diego border) is hell. In fact, lots of people speak English is Cancun because american tourism is their main income source. You wrote: "Anyway, it seems to me that the Mexican government knows how to invest in the sector and attract tourists." My impression is that there's a lot of american investment in Cancun; therefore the mexican government needs to comply with american regulations making the island safe for the american tourist. Tijuana is rather the opposite; there's a lot of car jacking. Also remember that americans don't need visas to go to mexico. The american people prefer going to places that are safe, wouldn't you? At the moment we offer them a Rio that is safe thousands and thousands will flock to Rio. Even now, with high levels of violence in Rio there's an estimante that 200,000 land in Rio every year. In a safer environment I think that number would at least triple. Jaime Lerner, former mayor of Curitiba and former governor of the state of Paraná is lobbying to become the next mayor in Rio. Lerner is right-wing; he has an american PhD in Urbanism and in the late 70's he worked as a city planner in Japan. Curitiba is what it is, despite its many problems, because we have the touch of Jaime Lerner. Silvia

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