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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  28/JUN/2010 6:44 PM
Assunto:  Cala Boca, Galvao

  Ha ha ha, Dale, nice one...! 

  In fact, Galvão is a sport "anchor" in a major TV channel in Brazil.

  Indeed the guy has a penchant to narrate soccer matches in the way "he sees it", that is, sometimes a soccer player kick the ball and it goes three miles above the goalpost and he says that it was a woodwork job!

   Sometimes Ronaldo Carioca was playing bad, and he ''saw'' him as the best player in the match etc...

   Other times, the match was sleepy and he said that it was lively, if you had your TV on and had gone to the john you would hurry yourself for nothing...!

    So, somebody got tired of this and launched a site "Cala a boca, Galvão".

    I think it is more in a kidding way, like ''Cariocas'' know well how to...

    It´s a kidding, but in the grounds of the above facts, more or less.

    The guy himself took it lightly, I have heard.



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