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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  02/JUL/2010 6:03 PM
Assunto:  englishwhizzes.blogspot.com

   Well, not my cup of tea (I mean fights); I have watched some when I was in Natal some time ago.

    Anyway, I added your site to my Favorites, it´s always useful to know about pretty much everything in English.

    Here some grammar or language points English-wise, likely to be improved, of course:

    -PC, the abbreviation of personal computer is capitalized. 

    -I would have in the text "You know, it´s actually..."  or would leave "You know" out.

    -Some changes (in brackets) of mine; but it may or may not be made for you. It´s up to you give them a thinking. I mean, if you think they change something to better.



   You know.  It's actually been a short time since I began following UFC. However, I've grown to love this sport so much that I can already consider myself to be a die hard fan.



   It's a good thing though I can sit back in my place and enjoy the battles for free in front of my pc (PC) screen.




   PS. I am glad to know about your blog, the very fact of writting (in a world that favours image and movement) is something awesome!


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