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Autor:  André_rs
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  03/JUL/2010 6:32 PM
Assunto:  English Club - First Session

So guys...here is a brief summary of what happened during the first English Club session here in southern Brazil.


- in the very beginning I was the only one talking in English, but after a half hour, they were all speaking English (I guess they were feeling embarassed in the very beginning, which is something normal in my point of view)

The meeting took place at one of the attendees’ office, and we were four people in total.


- the meeting duration was something around two hours, and in the end, they were asking me to keep talking in English for more time,

so considering this comment, I understood they were really enjoying it.


- on the next day, two of them came up with the same suggestion for the next meetings,which was to simulate a given situation to be able to practice English for different environments, such as taking the car to a mechanic, ask for a salary raise, a job interview, etc.

I really appreciated that idea, is something that can be done until we find someone to invite to our meetings.


- eventually,the next meeting will occur in August, at the same place, and in the meantime, I hope I can find a guest attend to our meeting.


So guys,thank you all for the valuable information we exchange here in this forum and Dale, thanks a lot for the tips, we will hang in the wall a picture of you and call you grand-master!...lol

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