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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  03/JUL/2010 11:49 PM
Assunto:  The need for different languages...



    In fact, I believe the Babel Tower is a nice story and you as a teacher may have hundreds of approaches to the language question. I mean, after that what happened? why did men need language apprenticeship?

    It´s good to incentive them to imagine these days, for example the dangers men faced, without much skills...apes would fastly climb trees, and give warning to their group.          Almost in general other animals have thicker skin and have force, speed or other advantages.

    As men got (and we are still) scattered in a variegated assortment of enviroments, it was necessary the exchange of informations. With the Navigation Age, new technologies like the invention of press, eletricity, tourism and adventure travels came the need of adjusting himself to the local language and mores (when in Rome do as Romans do).

    So, if you are going to Sahara a camel is needed, without one you are going to have a hard time.  If you are going to Africa you shall get some information about lions, tigers, elephants etc.

    In Amazon, you have to get acquainted to the Amazon´s tree names, functions etc, the rain cycles etc.

    What other way to communicate and get this kind of information? by learning the local language. 

     So the bottom line is, the need for different languages arises from the different environments, the difficulty (or impossibility) of communication with everybody, all the time, the different levels of technology (and the gradual transfer of it by commercial purposes for example).

     To give an illustration and maybe break the ice, you can say that even misunderstandings can influence language (a highly changing thing these days); like the car that Brazil imported some time ago, it was named Best-A (reads  bést-êi, meaning a top-quality car) but in Brazil was soon corrupted to Besta (bêsta).

     I meant, a quick explanation to the class, in a easy-going way. You can hit the Google search for further details from the experts (just in case.)    It´s the case of the above sites, for instance.

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